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    I thought I’d drop a message in here. I ride:
    Honda Africa twin
    Honda CBR600
    Honda CD185 (restoring at present)
    Kawasaki Z1000Ltd
    Kawasaki Z750
    Kawasaki KH750
    Kawasaki AR80 (in bits)
    Suzuki GT250 (restoring)
    MZ ETZ250
    Triumph Bonneville 1974
    BSA Bantam 175 (in bits)
    Custom hardtail with BSA 650 engine
    And don’t even ask about the cars. I live on a rather large farm and have a few other toys which I like to play with, quads etc. This forum seemed like the ideal place to join!


    That is some collection Beefstew! Try under the Jap Stuff heading I have made a post about the CD185T I ran many years ago (1987/8).


    Thats what I call a collection, my wife thinks I’m bad and I’ve only got four bikes. Nice to see I’m not the only GT fan I’ve got a Suzuki GT550 that I recently rebuilt, Ive owned it since 1980 and its my pride and joy Im reluctantly letting it go in the spring though. We are talking about travelling more miles next year so something a bit more modern is a must. Such is life eh !!! Happy biking

    J Frost


    Wow, beefy. That’s not a collection that’s a dealership! Nice one. Obvious question now that someone had to ask:

    Are you married?

    PS This is not a proposal…..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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