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    A speed camera on a village road near Tamworth in Staffordshire has been taken out of commission by vandals who completely destroyed it.
    The camera on the A5 in Hints was set on fire in an incident branded a ‘mindless act’ which could ‘put others in danger’.
    Vandals approached the camera between 1.40am and 1.45am on Sunday, August 23, and placed a rubber tyre around it. They set fire to the tyre and as a result, the camera housing and pole were completely destroyed.
    As well as the cost to replace the camera, Staffordshire Casualty Reduction Partnership, which operates the cameras, was also concerned about the potential danger to life.
    Project manager of the partnership Tim Roberts said: “There has been a considerable casualty reduction on the A5 Hints camera route and for this reason we have to question the motives behind this incident. Lets be clear, safety cameras save lives, reckless behaviour does not. The vandalism of this camera is a mindlss act which could potentially put others in danger.”

    In all the years I have lived in Tamworth, I have only ever known of one fatal accident on this stretch of road before the cameras were installed. There has however, been a fatal accident since the cameras were installed and a fair few serious accidents. The cameras are installed all along this stretch of road and the fact that one has been vandalised is hardly going to affect road safety as the next one will get you!

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