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    A ‘fustrated’ Tamworth driver who made ‘V’ signs at a speed trap has been fined £400.
    Simon Bonfield gestured with both hands at the same time, unaware that he was being caught on camera.
    A full frontal photogragh capturing the incident sealed his fate and he was charged with driving without due care and attention.
    The twenty three year old pleaded guilty to the offence when he appeared before town magistrates. Handing the photo to the bench, prosecutor Mr John Peel said it clearly showed Bonfield with both hands simultaneuosly off the steering wheel, making ‘V’ signs at a police operated speed detector van.
    Apologising to th magistrate, Bonfield told them: “It was just a bit of frustration on my part. I wasn’t aware of anyone being in the van.”
    He was fined £400 and ordered to pay £35 costs.

    He He. So remember, next time you flick the ‘V’ or finger to coppers or camera’s, make sure you use just one hand to do so! He He.

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    I’d have claimed that the second hand in the photo was a Marigold glove tied to my willy or something like that. Just to get off the fine of course, that sort of thing doesn’t go on in my car really…(Ahem)

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    You’ve got rid of the rubber chicken then LOL

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    He he. I think the magistrates would have been very interested to hear about the marigold!

    Rebel with a cause!

    The roads are my race track!!

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