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    Hi everyone
    I’m a two stroke fanatic. I’d have to be to put up with all the hassle I’ve had with mine. I have a 1992 Yamaha TZR125 and a 1990 Honda NS125RK. The TZR is off the road and I’m using the NSR to commute 82 miles a day. The TZR keeps melting the left main bearing and the NSR is playing up after having the ignition system replaced. It starts cold and ticks over when warm but it won’t start when it’s hot. Tried adjusting the carb but getting nowhere. Any advice on either bike would be welcome. (except get a four stroke!)

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    Hello and welcome…

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    Tickover problem first. A few questions:

    Why was the ignition system replaced and what parts were changed?
    Any chance you can check the mixture by doing a plug chop?


    Oops! I see you posted this elsewhere on the site:

    Maybe you can answer the questions I asked in your other post there and I shall lock this topic.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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