TT film to be made in 2017 with Matt Damon and Liam Neeson…I kid you not

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    I spotted this on FB and this brilliant comment was made by a fellow bike in reply to the news link…

    So, I’ll take a guess at the plot then:

    Previously successful retired racer comes out of retirement to do the ‘last big challenge’.
    His girlfriend/wife doesn’t want him to, says it’s too dangerous and stays at home alternating between crying, bitching and moaning at him on the phone.
    Retired racer does near record time in practice but falls unhurt, but (da dada da da daaaa) totally wrecks his bike!
    Retired racers best mate (a second rate, bit part actor) and ‘the one you know is going to meet a sticky end’ dies in practice/race.
    Retired racer is going to quit but HE’S NOT A QUITTER DAMMIT!
    Current ‘king of the mountain’ (portrayed as the bad guy) says “here, have one of my spare bikes, I’m a factory rider so I’ve got loads of them” proving he’s a nice guy after all! Factory (who retired racer predictably used to ride for) are fine with this and at no point say “give us our bloody bike back you cheeky bastard”.
    Retired racer enters final race, but doesn’t win!?!?!?!?
    He comes second to current ‘king of the mountain’ because he has to stop during the race to help a kitten/puppy/refugee cross the road so we all know he’d have won if he wasn’t such a top bloke.
    Girlfriend/wife turns up and is there at the finish line (to prove she’s also not an asshole after all) for the tearfully hug scene.
    Audience leaves the cinema with the distinct impression that they’ve seen this film at least a dozen times before.

    IOM government officially goes bankrupt the following year after a worldwide PC backlash forces race organisers to borrow 380 billion and install gravel traps and air fencing around the entire island.

    Everyone still agrees that it seemed like a good idea at the time…,

    If you do want to find out more….

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