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    A Chilly Start

    The latest bike I have tried recently is a towering Triumph Tiger. A friend and I travelled down to Cambridgeshire to collect a couple of weeks ago (Feb 2009).  The trip down was on a biting cold February day. I was pleased I did not have to ride it back!

    But ny chance was to come not too much longer. Well those of you that know me are aware that I am vertically challenged: The Tiger has a seat height about the same as the peak of the Eiger! So I was a little daunted as I clambered (literally) aboard for the first time. Especially as the lad who owned the bike had been forced to reverse the ‘Short-arse’ spec mods he had made to the seat height earlier. Someone  reported a drastic reduction in ground clearance when cornering in ‘Stumpy’ mode!

    Taming the Tiger – or is a Bit of a Bus?

    So it seemed appropriate that the first place I rode this leviathan was in Atherstone Bus Station! Back out on the open roads around Atherstone the commanding riding position, imperious and easy going performance from the meaty triple engine soon built my confidence: Despite a slightly vague and remote feel to the front end, especially in sharper corners, doing their best to undermine my confidence.

    Oddly despite being a true Brit the Tiger felt somehow Germanic, military even. In fact I felt that I should be at the head of an armoured column of tanks: I was half expecting a line of these to be streaming out behind me in my mirrors:

    At junctions I thought that ought to pull up and survey the landscape to pick the safest route for my troops!

    Survey the way ahead on the Tiger at junctions

    The engine note, especially with the pipes fitted sounded glorious. The guttural roar emitted redolent of a WW2 fighter on a low flypast.

    Comfort levels were supreme. combining with a cosseting ride and a generously proportioned, upright riding position.

    It’s Just too Big for me!

    Overall, although the bike is not for me, it just too big. I understand the appeal and can easily see why they enjoy such a large and enthusiastic following.

    If you fancy something with handlebars and a military feel, why not try one of these for your next machine ?



    I rode this bike again in 2009 and really enjoyed it. Better than a BMW GS?


    When you say it felt ‘Germanic’ was that a compliment or a criticism?  ;)


    When you say it felt ‘Germanic’ was that a compliment or a criticism?  ;)

    Hmm…a compliment I think :-

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