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    2.3 litres! As much as I hate customs and cruisers I find this bike strangely appealing…

    ac mitchell

    [Hi ya radar, ive heard about a trumpet rocket III, is it an across the frame lump or an in line? ive seen no reference to it as yet’ sounds interesting though,and nostalgic,it seems two into one does go if you know what i mean,’ all the best for the new year,ride safe.



    It is an inline triple, mounted in line in the frame too and has been packaged really well to give a low seat height. A couple of the glossy bike mags have covered it, but nobody has ridden it yet. It was at the bike show (see my post about the show in the General bit)and was attracting loads of interest.
    Hope 2004 is a good one for you.


    OOops, did not see this thread!

    Great bike.

    Only 118.7 bhp at the rear wheel, in the MCN test, so getting 30 more soon.


    can any one tell me how to get my rocket to sound more like a bike and not a car ive tried the american pipes but was told if i take the cat off it just sounds like a car with a busted exhaust any ideas would be appreiciated



    I was very impressed when we went out for a Blat with Scars, personally I think its one of the best cruisers going which has some poke to it!

    I’m not riding fast, I’m just flying low. and please DONATE to this website


    Scardiuk, read this link. It looks as though you can take the catalyst out attach a new Triumph manifold and the engine management chip can be reprogrammed (by Triumph I guess). This will give give you a better exhaust note and also more power.

    Be seen and be Safe!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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