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    Due to a change of plans…. (ie: I’m stupid for thinkin I could afford to run 2 bikes!)

    My Trumpet is for sale… Its in no way immaculate condition and for a less than 2yr old bike it has a few miles on it, but has been very reliable.

    I will return it to standard and be selling the zorsts, rearsets, aftermarket rear light on ebay unless someone wants to make my life a lot easier and take the whole lot!

    At the moment it needs a new rear tyre and a service in 1000 miles.

    If I was to sell it as is with everything I’ve bought plus all the standard bits (minus standard indicators as they were made of lego and fell apart themselves) I would be looking at getting just shy of £5k. Any serious offers considered and am willing to do a package of various bits left with the bike and I’ll sell the leftover bits on ebay

    The bike has the following mods:

    Wolf race cans, £500 new
    LSL rearsets, £350 new
    Integral LED rear light/indicators, £60 new
    Tail tidied up, £30 new
    PCIII USB (not fitted), £300 new
    +1 tooth on the rear sprocket, replaced at 18k service
    R&G’s, £50 new
    Triumph carbon fibre tank pad, £30 new
    front indicators, £15 new
    spare brand new set of front brake pads.

    Have the standard parts:

    rear light,
    rear mudguard/no plate bracket monstrosity.

    As stated the indicators triumph supplied are crap so they arn’t available, the standard no plate light has a crack in it and am not sure if it is servicable.
    The bike has FSH and has given me many miles of fun down in the south and south west, and all the way up in Scotland!

    All the mags love it, so get ya hands in ya pockets and buy a bagain

    Will put it on ebay if I have no interest, just thought I’d give you lot a chance first!

    Rear mudguard removed, std cans (taken a while back)

    Wolf race cans, std footpegs (also a while back)

    LSL rearsets

    Wolf race cans, stubby rear end and LSL rearsets, also shows scuffs to engine casing from a lil slide in January this year

    Tail tidy and end cans

    This really is a great used bike, I have had so much fun with it but it does have to go unfortunately. Tis a bad time of year to sell I know but that works in the buyers favour as prices are lower! :D

    go on, you know you want it ;)

    :D :D :D


    It’s a lovely looking bike Pete, would be tempted if I had the money.

    Good luck with the sale


    thanks mate :)

    (thanks for sortin the prob I was having listing it!)




    Am selling the mods separatelly on ebay and the sale fell through due to the bloke getting cold feet when I told him I’d clear the finance with the money I got from the sale!


    Bike still for sale :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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