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    Anybody off to Europe or anywhere else this summer? Would you tell us about the whole experience?
    I can’t do any touring this years (yet again), so to read about it is a good as I am going to get!



    Will be going down to the Avignon area and then across to Grenoble in May.
    Using a 750cc Honda Africa Twin whilst there.
    (Flying out).

    Just for a week, alas, but is always good down there.


    Sounds good, tell us about it (and the Honda) when you get back.


    hiya radar im new to this but like to tell you about my experience of european touring last october travelled to valencia for the final moto gp my mate on his pan me on my trusty R6 what a time we had an awesome experience first day 700 mile in pouring rain second day we got to the costa brava stayed at le escala and eventually arrived valencia on the friday afternoon weekend in valencia for the gp then left on the monday traveling to zaragoza pamplona through the pyrenees into france it was just the best time the roads are to die for very few cars to anyone thinkin about it stop thinkin and do it can offer any advice learn from some of the simple mistakes we made still was a great trip


    Cheers for that Razor, welcome to the Forum. Please let us all know what the snags were.
    The roads and riding sounded top notch. I have driven a car in Spain, but never ridden.
    What speeds did you travel at, warp drive or did you take in the surroundings? Did you camp or use hotels etc.?


    Welcome to the den, razorback. I’m doing the Dover Calais crossing and going thru France to Spain this year. Coming back from Santander on the ferry. Any help and advice would be appreciated

    I’ve donated to the forum, have you?


    Welcome Razor. Pyrenees are awesome aren’t they? Even the rain can’t dampen the enthusiasm for those roads. I totally with about your comment, stop thinking about it and do it!

    @Wheelie – I’ve sent you some more info via PM on the Santander stuff.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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