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    Just my opinion, for what little it is worth…

    My top 10 Great Bikes

    1. Yamaha RD350YPVS – best bike I ever had, pure fun.
    2. Yamaha RD500YPVS – best bike I never had, go bang at 20k apparently
    3. Vincent Black Shadow – Do I need to explain?
    4. Ducati 916 – The best looking bike ever? Pity I’m too fat to fit on one properly!
    5. Triumph Bonnerville (Proper one…)- Just look cool and sound lovely
    6. Honda C90 – 20 million people can’t be wrong – can they?
    7. Honda CBR900R Fireblade – Wild and still amongst the best.
    8. Suzuki RG500 – Just nutz!!
    9. Honda RC30 – Engineering on wheels – looks stunning, sounds spine tingling.
    10. Mot Guzzi LeMans – Blunt instrument, but beautiful somehow, rode a V years ago and loved it.

    What is everybody else’s top 10?

    My worst 10 bikes

    1. Kawasaki KH250 – The worst bike I ever had the misfortune to own, but was sweet for the few seconds it would run Ok. Buy an RD!!
    2. Honda Goldwing (especially the 1800)- Just not my “thing”
    3. Most Harleys (Except XR models)- I don’t “get” the whole Harley thing, I am sorry. Can I still go to Daytona?
    4. Aprilla 6.5 – Just horrible.
    5. Suzuki LS650 Savage – why?
    6. BMW K1200LT – Too big, too bank manager…
    7. Kawasaki Z750 Twin – How could the people who gave us the Z900 do this?
    8. Honda CJ360T – After the CB450 Blak Bomber this was just a bad bike.
    9. Norton F1 – Not the racer – which was just awesome, but the overpriced road bike.
    10. Ariel 3 – Funny, but wierd.

    Sorry if I have upset anyone. In reality there is no such thing as a bad bike, just levels of good!
    What is everybody else’s worst 10?


    Any thoughts..?


    No mention of a Norton, shame on you, my mates swear by the Honda XL 125, country lads bike.


    I mentioned one in worst bikes, what more do you want?!


    Any more views on this one???

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    Not in any particular order..

    My fav’s

    1 Yam XS1100
    2 Kawa Z900
    3 Suzi GS850
    4 Suzi GS1000
    5 Honda CB750 Four
    6 Yam R1
    7 Yam FZRs (sexiest looking modern bike by far)
    8 Honda CB250 Dream
    9 Kawa Z13 (naked)
    10 Yam XV16

    The worst

    1 BMW (all of em)
    2 Honda CB250N
    3 Yam Virago
    4 Honda Goldwings
    5 That thing with a roof on!
    6 and it must be said,, HDs
    7 My old XS650 (will never forget that one, shame it was a yam)
    Can’t think of any others, nothing personal folks.. As radar said “A bike is a bike.”

    Best Regards
    Stuart XV16

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    Another old topic revisted…

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    GSF K1

    Well I havent ridden many, but good:-
    GSF600N Bandit

    XBR500 (a real pig to handle)

    To “ERR” is natural.. to really fowl things up needs a politician!!


    My favourite……….FZX 750!

    I’m not riding fast, I’m just flying low. and please DONATE to this website

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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