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    From “Bike” Feb 2005.

    Yamaha Thundercat (Hoorah!!)
    Triumph T595
    Honda XV1000 Valerdero (See Scouser, somebody else likes them too!)

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    GSX Rat


    hmm the honda cub 50, most burberry clad youths want something shiny such as their mates will nick, but later in life, they all come to resent the kid that cruised past on a cub 50 when their own bike broke down….

    the yam sr125 – i have one, its engine is almost as bulletproof as the cg125 but people nigh on give them away as the naff cruiser type styling let them down, but with an angle grinder and a coat of paint they can be great little runabouts, again theyll cruise past these 125 strokers when they break down…

    gsx750f – quick bike, zook bulletproof motor, steel chassis, marketed as a sports tourer – rip off the teapot styling, slap on a set of renthals and you’ve got a hooligans machine…..

    edited for spelling – damn this is good gear!

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    The FZX 750 is definately underated, it is a good all rounder!Is classed as a streetfighter. Its not to bad on long hauls the minus is that its only got small fuel tank. But you can also open her up and shes good on bends etc.

    No1 ride, our FZX750


    see i told you Radar taht the Varadero was underated. With a firestorm engine and the transalp pedigree, its comfy, quick (140 is quick enough), lighter than my GSX1100F and a lovely twin heartbeat sound.

    Honda C90 is also the God of bikes. Just leave it in the garage, top up the oil with lard, put barbie lighting fuel in the tank, and they go forever. Front fork and rear mudguard rust are its only enemies.


    Hi Scouser, good to see you on here again. Big post coming up on the C90. Just posted about the C50 I had donkeys years ago in Members bikes.

    Take it easy mate.

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    Any more underated bikes out there, my suggestion Honda CB900 Hornet

    I could murder a curry


    YZF1000 Thunderace and Suzuki RF900 also come to mind

    I could murder a curry


    yep i had a thu”n”derace easy position and quick enough to keep with the rockets
    gsx600f for the same reasons as hooligans 750f bought it for peanuts had it for 2 years and never even checked the plugs lol sold it for more than i paid for it
    any of the dt range just because they were so much fun on and off road and you could do a top end rebuild in about 20 mins when you got it a bit to hot lol

    lol thats cheating radar
    life sucks get used to it

    GSF K1

    CB250RS.. oh what fun when I was young!

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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