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    Awaiting it’s transformation

    After 17 years loyal service the Thundercat is getting a makeover! Hagon rear shock, stainless steel down pipes. new chain and sprocket kit and some other bits and bobs. Be interesting to see what it will be like to ride with functioning suspension!!


    Only 17 years from a rear shock – disgraceful!


    Only 17 years from a rear shock – disgraceful!

    Not only that I had to fork for a choke cable only a couple of years ago after barely fifteen years service!


    Well I got the bike back a few weeks ago and so far all is well…here are the new shiny bits:

    The Hagon adjustable rear spring/damper unit

    Chain and sprocket, only the 2nd new set in 30,000 miles and the last one was far from knackered

    Braided front brake lines in black for that OE look

    New stainless downpipes

    50,000km now…I bought it with 1500 on the clock in March 2000

    Still looks great!

    I also had new rear brake pads fitted to the bike and an oil and filter change carried out. I had the work done at my local Yamaha main dealer, The Motorcycle Mart, in Kidderminster. They did an excellent job as usual.

    Managed about 400km on the bike since and it is so much better to ride. I had got used to it wallowing and amusingly I am having to get tuned into a bike that actually handles again! I took the Mrs out on it last weekend and she reckons I am going much quicker, not sure if that is a good thing!

    Did I spend virtually as much as the bike is worth? Yes.

    Sensible that to do? No.

    Worth it? Oh yes!


    WOW, gave it a proper birthday! :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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