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    The Sunday Post wrote…

    THE ASSOCIATION of Chief Police Officers says hundreds more speed cameras will be placed on Britain’s roads in the next year.
    We’re told the millions raised in fines will be used to maintain and extend the camera network.
    But do the general public believe more cameras are required, or even that the ones already present are in the right place?
    Or do they think the cameras are just an excuse to make money?
    To get the right picture, we asked the Sunday Post e-mail jury for their views.
    A majority of 63 per cent were against the placing of more cameras, while an even greater 74 per cent thought they were just a money-making scheme.
    Bill Purvis blasts, “We don’t need more speed cameras. Instead the existing ones should be re-sited where they will reduce accidents and not be placed, as is often the case, on the only straight bit of road for miles where it is possible to overtake.
    “And, of course, cameras are only being installed to make money, most of them are not installed anywhere near an accident black-spot.
    “Would it not be better for funding to be made available to help clear up serious crime rather than to persecute the motorist for driving a few miles per hour over the speed limit?
    “Perhaps then the police would gain more public support — but it wouldn’t earn as much revenue.”
    Eric Moore agrees, “The speed cameras are just another way to raise money, under the pretext of safety.
    “If the police were really interested in safety they would turn their attention to drivers who drive dangerously, or those idiots who clog up the motorways by not keeping left.
    “Speed cameras can’t detect someone driving dangerously, so it is grossly unfair and illogical to prosecute someone for simply breaking the speed limit, it could very well be that they were the only vehicle for miles and it was perfect driving conditions!”
    Rena Blight drives in the opposite direction. “The police have researched the best places to situate these cameras according to the numbers of accidents.
    “If they prevent just one accident, fatal or otherwise, then they are worth it. If they stop the selfish, ignorant, arrogant drivers who consider they have the right to drive as fast as they choose anywhere, they will be worth it.”
    Tom Murray agrees. “Most of the speed cameras I know about are in good positions and I think a few more should be installed.
    “The Highway Code has speed limits and when you pass your driving test you agree to keep to those limits.
    “After all, speed kills.”
    But Tom would like to see some changes in speed restrictions. “I think the limit should be increased on motorways and certain dual carriageways.
    “Roads near schools should be reduced to 20 mph and more emphasis should be put on catching drivers who constantly speed in towns or built-up areas.”
    Gordon Clark says, “I have no strong view for or against these cameras, if they slow the traffic down then that has to be a good thing.
    “Trouble is, once the drivers have passed the camera and are safely out of distance they then speed up again.”

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