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    Speed Monster

    The only thing i really dislike about new bikes is having to run them in. This was exactly what i found myself contributing to on Saturday. Having signed on the dotted line i threw my leg over the MT-10SP 710miles on the clock from those great guys at Doug Deardens just outside Southampton.
    The 710miles meant i was in the second phase of the run in and restricted to short bursts of up to 8500RPM….. 4500 short of the redline!

    But we all know what this means don’t we boys and girls??….. Yes that’s right, i’m going to have to go back and give it a proper go!!  ;D 8) ;D

    For those of you who haven’t seen one, they’re are basically a naked R1M! Everything you get on the R1M you get on the SP less the £6K Carbon fibre fairings and the 205BHP.


    My statement of the original Mt-10 being a jet fighter rather than a street fighter still stands, it is an incredibly great handling bike that inspires confidence in every bend. Well think of the SP being upgraded from the Tornado GR5 MT-10 to the Euro Fighter!! I put the blob down on one roundabout without even trying much less thinking about it, i was having a great time!

    The SERIOUSLY upgraded shocks, electronically adjustable Ohlins front and back, send a feeling and feedback to you that i have not experienced on any other bike. None of them come anywhere close to this!! This enables you to ride so instinctively you’re instantly at home on it.

    Within minutes…..

    Now on the standard MT-10 you get 3 throttle modes & 3 TCS modes. The suspension is all manually adjustable with spanners and screwdrivers. Twaddle says I!

    On the SP, to help utilise the 165BHP to it’s absolute maximum you get:
    4 throttle modes
    3 Power modes (Fuel Maps)
    4 TCS modes
    5 suspension modes, 2 preset & 3 that can be adjusted to the riders liking!!

    It’s like setting up a car in Grand theft Auto on your Playstation!

    And yes, i did forget to take a pic or two of the COLOUR LCD dash. Sorry!

    Once you’ve downloaded the app for the bike onto your chosen smart phone you can go into the settings in greater depth too! This includes the sensitivity for the quickshifter!

    I had a play with all of the settings with one exception, the full fat D mode on the throttle.
    This was due to A) The bike was still being run in. Those of you who have ridden a ‘crossplane’ crank engine powered Yam will know about the instantaneous kick up the posterior when you open the taps on them. With the run in period in mind, it just seemed pointless to have a go with it.
    And B) There was just a bit too much traffic to be able to.

    I’m sat here thinking about it as i type, and i just want to be out on it again. I reckon  I’m quite an articulate guy but I find myself short of the right words to describe just how very good this bike really is.

    The only things i’d change on it are the personal choice kind of things:
    Brake & clutch levers (I’m a habitual 2 fingers on the levers bloke).
    Renthal straight bars, just to rotate the riding position forward slightly.
    A tweak up on the sensitivity of the quickshifter.

    I need this bike like 2 months ago! Now, Who’s got a spare £15K they’d like to give me??  8) 8)


    Great review, I loved the standard MT10:

    So I am not surprised the SP really impresses. Might be time to smile nicely at the salesman down at my local bike shop, the long suffering Motorcycle Mart (‘will he he ever actually buy something??!’)

    Not sure about the bit with a mobile phone app though!


    sounds like a beast of a bike! :)


    sounds like a beast of a bike! :)

    It really does…


    Nice review Speedy

    I reckon you’re right about the Renthals.


    Yep, great review. Didn’t know there were so many differences, sounds like a bike for those who like to tinker (like you!).

    Did you download the app and have a play? I’m guessing that it needs to be paired with the bike.

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