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    160+ on the back of a Kawasaki ZX10. Most of the way between Lowestoft and Norwich. Scared the living wotnots out of me. Just tucked in behind the rider and held on for grim death as the world streamed past in blur, looking like someone had just spilt a load of different coloured paint in a wind tunnel!


    Had an afternoon at Bruntingthorpe with work, first time on a track, had only really ridden as fast as my Kwak GPZ500S would let me except for a couple of go’s on my girlfriend’s dad’s BMW K100RS. Then I got the chance to run some propper bikes. V-max, Daytona then a ZX9R. Red line in top all the way down the 2 mile straight. Fantastic.


    Hi Infinatefire. That’s a cool workplace you’ve got there, what do you do (and when can I start?)

    What was the V-Max like? Heard they don’t handle too well but go like stink.

    I’ve donated to the forum, have you?


    I work in Hinckley, I’m a design engineer, and I occasionally ride bikes at work. Have to be vey careful what I say though, hope y’all understand.


    Oh yes, the V-max. I loved it, but then I love anything that is fun, different or interesting.

    It was so quick in a straight line, and not half as bad as I thought round the bends, though it grounded out qucker than the TT600 I was chasing around (and catching!). At about 130-140 (it is impossible to read the speedo let alone the tiny tacho) down the 2 mile straight I had to cling on for dear life. I’ve never felt such wind blast!

    Oh and it seemed to do about 2 laps per tank of fuel!


    Hmmm, Hinckley. ‘Nuff said infi, hope you get some good ‘design experience’ from these track days.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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