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    A mate from GJ’s swapped bikes with me today…..

    This model or a k4/5 1000 is definately gonna be the replacement for my Speedtriple in a year or 2!

    What an awesome machine…. Just open the throttle and woo-hoo, the front wheel reaches for the sky :D Am really impressed. Its a lot heavier than me 750 and harder to turn… which I found surprising coz it was fitted with lightweight wheels… but oh so much fun. I bet it would be fantastic for munching motorway miles too, pretty comfy it was, and that’s with its suspension set up for 17 stone and I’m no way near that :lol:

    We nearly ended up swapping keys permanently as he really wants a 750, but I love me lil’ Phantom and its gonna be just as quick as a 1000 point to point. So yup…. by the second I am convincing myself that this is the way to go come Triumph replacement time :)


    if its hard to turn in, tell him to drop the yoke down forks 5mm, its recommended to improve turn in, well on the earlier K’s it is anyway, not done mine yet but then again I dont find mine to hard to turn in, specially after the brute that was the srad lol


    What model is his Pete?


    id; k6

    gix; think it was only hard compared to me featherweight 750!


    Gix’s is a K2, no wonder she has a mountain to climb….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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