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    Hi every one
    wildtracks at chipnham {suffolk}have finished building thier super moto track at last, my m8 and i took a look at it on the opening day we drove to it in the car, BIG mistake no bikes exelent looking track.
    Next weekend then lads, rang out in the car on the way home oh yes,so this last weekend we got ourselves together and off we went, kinell how much rain on the way to wildtracks.
    It did not stop raining all day but undeturd on road tyres we all had an exelent day.
    The track staff spent all day outside with us in the rain and could not of been more helpfull.
    THERE IS A CAFE ON SITE wich they opened for dinner not bad when you think there was only 12 of us on site i think it had somthing to do with the rain[:(]the toilets are spot on they also have tanks quads and a very good motocross track every thing is for hire apart from supermoto bikes
    wildtracks no is 01638751918


    Wow, sounds like a great day out, nice one.


    Sounds like a great place…


    Sorry should of left you with this
    go on you no you want to!
    just noticed they are going to use clues leisure for hireing supermoto bikes, so now theres nothing stoping any of you that want a taste of good fun!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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