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    GSX Rat

    There’s a vid here but i’m only leaving it up a few days so be quick, unless anyone wants to mirror it (ID [:D])

    Its only 4 meg so it shouldnt take too long!

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    Some class stunts and I only managed to spot one police car! We used to have the same sort of thing go on around here at an industrial estate near Coleshill in Birmingham and at an unofficial meet at a pub called Bassets Pole, but the police clamped down on it and confiscated a couple of bikes. Still goes on but not as much and almost stopped when a spectator was killed back in the spring outside Bassetts Pole by a bike that had dumped its rider and ploughed into the crowd. (Ironically, the biker was not stunting, just lost it on the bend) Now there is always heavy police presence. Shame, some of the stunts were real class!

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    Mirrored here

    Nice vid Hooly [;)]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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