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    It’s gone a bit quiet on here since the good weather came to the UK. Any good stories of thrashes in the country, decent bike meets or winter projects that are finished?

    Don’t be shy!


    Hi all. Just had a blast over the weekend goiong to the Welsh mountains with mates. I ride a CBX1000 and they ride a Suzy GSX6 and Bandit 600. We had some great tussles and all nearly lost it on a bad corner on Saturday. It was very wet and visibility was pretty poor. Really bad pothole nearly took us all out. Was full of diesel and other crap too. Had a coffee to calm the nerves. Sunday was great and pretty sunny, just got back an hour ago, still buzzin’!
    No winter projects apart from polishing the bike!

    Red CBX1000 with loud pipes!


    Brunstromian Mountains, I will keep my fingers crossed. :-)

    Best Regards
    Stuart XV16

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    Must be a time of the year thing with the Forum although most people go on holiday late July early August. We are going away for the 1st two weeks of August.

    Anybody off anywhere exotic?

    Be seen and be Safe!


    Nowhere exotic this year…but if I had won the lottery earlier this year is it would have been

    Off to the TT for the first week and a half..leaving on the tuesday and heading down to Catalunya for the MotoGP..a few days on the beach then back up to Le Mans for the 24Hrs ..back home for a couple of weeks to await delivery of my 999R, GSXR1000 05, KTM super Duke, CBR600RR, BMW1150 GS Adventure, Aprilia RSV Nera and mint FSIE (with pedals) and a couple of enduro bikes for tatting about in the back garden of my enormous house in the country. I’d also have to devote some time to fitting out my detached quadruple garage into a motorcycle workshop complete with a complete set of Snap On tools, tyre changer and a couple..nah three hydraulic benches.

    The when that was all done i’d zoom off to California hire an enormous RV and tootle off to Laguna Seca to watch the MotoGP , when the racing has finished hang around for a few days to have a hoon around the track on my ex Ben Bostrom 998 which i bought off him when he was having a garage clear out. Spend a few more weeks visitng Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone etc before coming home for a rest and some more track days before clearing off to Dubai for october and november (maybe visit Macau for the racing in Nov)and on to Australia for Xmas.

    How does that sound ?

    “he passed me that fast he was suckin rabbits out the hedges”

    speedy claire

    Yes i`m going somewhere really exotic and scorching last week in August……….. Scotland [:o)]

    Don`t ride faster than your guardian angel can fly!


    I’m going to Northumberland…

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    Was hoping to go to Crete, mid September, if we can save enough pennies. Meanwhile today me and Dave polished the bike ready for tomorrow we hope. Thats if the sun shows its face! Hopefully going to Glastonbury for a blat!

    I’m not riding fast, I’m just flying low. and please DONATE to this website


    On saturday,(14th)I went to Aintree were there was bike racing run by the Aintree Motorcycle Racing Club.The weather was brill and the racing even better as there were a few hot riders there including Mark Heckles who is making a progressive comeback after serious injury.There were 27 racers from 11am-5pm all for the price of £8,what a bargain.There were classic,classic 2strokes,sidecars,125`s 250`s,forgotten era,you name it it was there.The next meet is 9th july(sat)if anyone fancies it just PM me or we`ll post a topic.

    ake it easy out there
    PS there were 600`s and superbikes.

    GSF K1

    Im off to Greece on Sunday, but thats work not play!!! Been out splatting flies on the Banditto as its too good to miss at the moment.. that and BT are screwing my phone line around.

    Go out with a BANG… Light a fart!


    Still depressed after getting back from france and still got 11 months to wait till i am back there what a bummer


    Talk is cheap

    Dont forget to Donate !!!


    I’m off to France for a fortnight in August meself. Been out all weekend on the bike too, in between ripping an engine out of the wifes NC30. Ya gotta take advantage of the weather :-) Although I heard on the news, Yorkshires a swimming pool.

    “Its not about the horsepower, its about the balls!!”


    Bought a tent the weekend, 7.5 metres long! When I put it up I thought ‘That would make a nice garage for the bike’ but the kids soon had it as a Barbie workshop. Hope to use it in a few weekends time (not Yorkshire though). Where in France are you going MadSrad? And how was France for you Prezzo?


    Off with the wife and kids to a cottage in little place called Civray, Vienne region not far from Poitiers. Never actually drove a car in France before, so it’ll be a laugh.

    “Its not about the horsepower, its about the balls!!”


    Poiters is twinned with Northampton you know. Driven in France a few times, no problems. Main roads are generally excellent and much less busy than UK. Can be a bit frantic in some of the larger towns, don’t worry about it and just enjoy it.
    ID is very experienced on French roads, he’ll advise better than I. Prezzo is just back from France too.

    Donate – Or Imperial Data will have you sorted!

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