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    GSF K1

    Hi all. Just a mail to let you all know that I’m, still on the road. The new Ninja is AWSOME!.. infact its better than I am!!!!

    Unfortunately with the wonderful summer weather that we’re all having the poor thing has lived virtually untouched throughout June, infact I’m sure I did more miles in January than June!!!!

    If you’re curious as to why I’m posting on the Members bikes chapter, its cos my dearly beloved (‘er in doors), has now passed her CBT and hazard perception tests. Come Aug she’ll be doing her DAS and will be ready to ride. We already have a bike for her which we picked up a few weeks ago. I’ve been servicing and generally tidying it up and reoiled the forks as they were far too soft.. piccy’s below of a lurvly GPZ500s in very tidy condition and mechanically very good (for 12 years old!!)…..

    What do ya all think??????

    spanish biker

    yea looks a tidy steed[:)]


    Glad to see that you finally weeded that patio.

    bike looks good as well BTW


    Looks a nice bike. Pass on my welcomes to Mrs GSF (to the wonderful world of fly-munching). Good luck with the DAS.


    Good to hear you are still out there GSF! The GPZ looks a good bike, Thumper had one for a while and it was a fun machine to ride. Get Mrs GSF to join and she can tell all about it!


    Looks nice mate,hope she likes it and welcome back dez.


    Yo Del welcome back! Thats a tidy geepee! having temporarily had charge of a bike that was equipped with engine bars, I gotta ask, will they be staying? I found the position of the bars obstructive when using the back brake cos it was in the way.
    Welcome back anyway chick.

    GSF K1

    Engine bars are a good idea, as I told her that she’d drop it.. and whats the first thing she did when she got on a 125 to start her CBT…?? She dropped it!
    GIx – whats a back break???????

    Actually, the rear break on this GPZ is wicked!.. its far better than mine!!

    So far I’ve done more mileage on the GPZ than the Ninja through June, and its really fun to ride, it really makes me grin with pleasure.. and its not too slow either!

    It came with the engine bars, spare mirrors (unused), scottoiler, heated grips, rack and removable top-box, a years mot & tax.
    Exhausts replaced last year and new BT45’s front and rear.
    Its 12 years old and done 25000 miles.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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