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    AN arsonist, thought to be an angry motorist, has destroyed a speed camera outside Mere Brow.

    A safety group has now warned drivers not to break the speed the limit in its absence and has advised them to stick to the 40mph limit.

    The wrecker struck during the early hours in Marshes Lane.

    Car tyres were placed around the head of the fixed speed camera using an assortment of wires, crocodile clips and car jump leads before an accelerant – probably petrol – was poured over the unit.

    The resulting blaze caused £25,000 of damage and completely destroyed the camera.

    Linda Sanderson of the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership maintains that the loss of the camera will not make the road any more dangerous as long as drivers stick to the rules.

    “The fact still remains that people have a responsibility to keep to the speed limit. Just because the camera is gone does not mean there is a green light to drive fast.

    “There is still a speed limit.” The camera will be replaced, but drivers will have a long wait before they are monitored along Marshes Lane again.

    “As soon as something goes down, its replacement is immediately reordered, but it’s very difficult to get the utility companies to work together.”

    As a result there is no specific schedule in place for a replacement.

    Police are investigating the incident which happened at 4am on Sunday, May 30.

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    He/She deserves a pat on the back! There is a camera in Ammanford in Wales that some comedian stuck a sign on when it first went up saying “AMMANFORD POLICE DEPARTMENT CASH MACHINE”. How true. The sign was swiftly removed. Why can’t the government see that its not just speed thats the factor, its driving habits. Speed just makes the consequences worse. I am glad that some people feel the same way and are fighting back. The perpetrated deserves a medal!

    The roads are my race track!!

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    Should start up a similar action round here!

    Drinks all round for those involved………

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