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    POLICE chiefs in Lancashire today announced a dramatic relaxation of their hard-line policy on speeding – in a move which will be welcomed by many motorists on the Fylde coast.

    Drivers will now be issued with cautions and speed awareness courses if caught just slightly over the limit, with £60 fines issued only for higher speeds.
    From today, drivers caught speeding in a 30mph area will be cautioned at 35mph, offered a speed awareness course at 36 and 37, and given a fixed penalty at 38.
    Under the old system, speed courses were offered at 35mph and fines issued at 36mph.
    Similarly, in a 40mph area, drivers will be cautioned at 46 and 47 and offered speed awareness at 48 and 49. Above that will result in a fixed penalty.
    And in a 50mph area drivers will be cautioned at 57 and 58, offered speed awareness at 59 and 60 and a fixed penalty at 61mph.
    In the past year speed cameras caught almost 130,000 offenders in the county, raising £7m in fines…………………….

    Full Story https://www.blackpooltoday.co.uk/ViewArticle2.aspx?SectionID=62&ArticleID=801259

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