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    Drivers are set to feel the pinch as the limit at which they can be done for speeding is set to be reduced.

    All 250 speed cameras across the West Midlands are being re-calibrated to give speeding motorists less leeway.

    And police officers could be instructed to issue tickets to motorists travelling marginally over the speed limit.

    The current “trigger” threshold for speed enforcement is a closely guarded secret.

    But the West Midlands Casualty Reduction Partnership monitoring speed cameras is to change the level at which drivers are snapped to “ten per cent plus two mph” over the limit.

    In a 30mph zone, this means cameras are triggered at 35mph, while those in a 40mph zone will be snapped at 46mph.

    This will bring the region in line with guidelines issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

    A police spokesman said: “The threshold speeds at which penalties will be imposed may be tightened in line with national ACPO guidelines.”

    Partnership spokesman Adam Warwick said: “We are committed to reach ACPO guidelines.”

    While the move could anger some drivers, who see cameras as a stealth tax, road safety chiefs hope it will encourage people to slow down.

    But motoring organisations said the change needs to be accompanied by better signs if the move is to win over the motoring public.

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    Win over the motoring public?
    What they smokin?


    Whatever they smokin’, it aint legal! Not all revenue from scams go to new ‘uns, I bet!

    Rebel with a cause!

    The roads are my race track!!

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