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    Just the publicity we need.

    Biker is jailed after 100mph M4 chase
    GAZETTE & HERALD: Despatch rider John Ryman, who sped away from police on the M4 at more than 140mph after stealing petrol from a Chippenham garage, has been jailed.

    Ryman, who had false number plates fitted to his high powered Honda Fireblade to avoid any penalty if caught by a speed camera, swerved in and out of traffic as he tried to get away.

    The 36-year-old, who has three previous convictions for dangerous or reckless driving, two for drink driving and numerous speeding offences, also tore through a residential area of Swindon as he tried to get away.

    But he was brought down with a bump when a chasing police patrol deliberately clipped the bike’s rear wheel to bring it to a halt.

    Staggeringly, the 11-mile chase only took about six minutes from start to finish, a court heard, making the average speed more than 100mph.

    Now Ryman has been jailed for eight months, banned from the road for three years and had his pride and joy superbike confiscated by the court.

    Simon Brenchley, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court the incident started at the Esso garage on Malmesbury Road, Chippenham, at lunchtime on March 16.

    The bike sped away from the service station after filling up with £13.90 of petrol. Shortly afterwards a police patrol on the M4 spotted the bike as it overtook them in the eastbound carriageway.

    “They decided to stop it so put on their siren and blue lights. It failed to stop and immediately accelerated away from police,” said Mr Brenchley.

    “The police patrol, in an attempt to catch up, accelerated to 135mph but the bike still pulled away. It was seen to move frequently between lanes two and three overtaking slower moving traffic.”

    He said as they approached junction 16 for West Swindon the police patrol was doing 140mph when the bike swerved across all three lanes on to the slip road to leave the motorway.

    The bike then went along Great Western Way at more than 100mph before going the wrong way up a one way road into a residential area.

    After going at more than 60mph in the built up area with a 30mph speed limit and trying to escape across a grass verge, police decided the end the chase.

    Ryman, of Uxbridge Road, Stanmore, Middlesex, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, theft, failing to stop, fraudulent use of a registration mark, having no insurance and no licence.

    Robin Shellard, defending, said Ryman had a great love of motorcycles and a road ban would have a big impact on his life and job as a despatch rider.
    He didn’t have a license to start with?

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