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    He he he, LOL, (Well I can’t believe it).

    Officials armed with cameras are planning to catch cyclists speeding to work along a beach promenade.
    The council claims some commuters using the Bournemouth seafront on their way to work are cycling at unsafe speeds, endangering pedestrians.
    On Thursday morning beach officers will be stopping any cyclist caught on camera breaking the 10mph speed limit.
    Offenders will not be fined but given a warning and advice on how to use the route in way that is safe for all.

    Chris Saunders, business development manager with Bournemouth Borough Council, told BBC News Online that generally cyclist and pedestrians mix well along the promenade.
    But he added: “There is an issue with people speeding on bikes along the seafront, especially in the morning, when they are late for work or generally in a hurry.
    “What we don’t want to see is a cyclist racing along the promenade knocking down a small child that gets in his way.
    “We do want to encourage cyclists to use the seafront, but we also want them to take care in doing so, and to watch their speed.”
    Any cyclists that are caught will receive an information leaflet detailing the seafront rules and explaining the ‘traffic’ signs placed along the seafront.
    During the summer cyclists are only allowed to ride on the promenade before 1000 BST and after 1900 BST, but after 13 September they can use it at any time, as long as they keep to the speed limit.

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    Geez! They cant leave anyone alone can they? What a laugh! Do they have speedos on bicycles?

    Rebel with a cause!

    The roads are my race track!!

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