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    Hope You enjoy this one:

    I was doing yard work after the storm this weekend and my wife was about to take a shower. I realized that I couldn’t find the rake. I yelled up to my wife, ” Wheres the rake?”. She couldn’t hear me and shouted back, “What?”. I pointed to my eye, then to my knee and made a raking motion. Then my wife wasn’t sure and shouted, “What?” I repeated the gestures: “EYE KNEE THE RAKE”. My wife replied that she understood and signaled back. First she pointed to her eye, next she pointed to her left breast, then to her bum, and finally to her crotch. Well there is no way in hell I could even come close to that one. Exasperated, I went upstairs and asked her, “What the hell was that?”. She replied “EYE – LEFT TIT – BEHIND – THE BUSH”.

    The roads are my race track!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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