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    Topical subject at the moment is road tax. The current changes mean that you can get an £80 fine for every registered vehicle that you own that has no tax and that it must have a SORN (sworn off road notification) declaration returned to DVLA for every vehicle.

    I’m a big beleiver in abolishing road tax and sticking the cost on to the petrol. I know…I know we already pay through the nose in this piss take country, but if tax was on the fuel then:-

    a)tax dodgers have to pay
    b) the more you use the roads, the more you pay (pay as you go)
    c) we could keep the same tax disc as proof of Insurance and MOT for the vehicle, the continued admin would keep some jobs for the post office etc..

    and maybe..just maybe, the extra revenue would be spent on the roads making them safer for all but especially bikers.

    What do other country’s do for vehicle / road tax?

    There I was serious for a change!

    Be Seen Be Safe


    I wouldn’t trust this scheme until I had studied the numbers in detail. Tax dodging point is a good one.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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