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    FED-UP residents will be trained to operate speed guns to stop drivers turning their village into a rat run.

    Around 40 people from Thornton Hough in Wirral will start training with police over the next two weeks, after a number of near misses caused by cars speeding through the village.

    Officers hope residents can help them crack down on people breaking the 30mph limit.

    The recruits will wear luminous vests and stand at the side of the road in pairs at danger times identified by police.

    One will record the speed of cars, while the other takes down the registration number.

    Although residents will not have powers to prosecute drivers, their evidence will be passed to police.

    They will then warn drivers, and prosecute repeated offenders.

    Neighbourhood inspector Lenny Gill said: “Thornton Hough is a nice quiet village and people living there want to keep it that way. However, there are problems with drivers speeding through the village and this is what we are trying to stop.

    “Although we have not had a high number of road accidents, there have been a large number of near misses and this is a cause for concern. There are a couple of primary schools close to the village centre and we want to ensure the children are safe.

    “We have had around 40 people interested in the scheme and are delighted so many came forward. Training with our traffic management unit should start in two weeks.

    “Officers will show people how to use the radar guns to enforce speed limits and gather evidence for police.”

    The age of the residents ranges from 20 to almost 70.

    Marla Johnson, 67, who lives in Thornton Hough and signed up for training, hoped the scheme would make drivers think twice before speeding.

    She said: “We are looking forward to getting started. The traffic passing through the village goes at a tremendous speed and it is very dangerous.

    “We hope this will calm down when people get trained up and are out on the roads with the speed guns.”

    The roads are my race track!!


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