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    I have a 1999 Fireblade which has a problem with the rear brake. Every so often it fades or gets weaker every press. Tried bleeding it several times. Mechanic at the local garage hasn’t any suggestions. Anyone else got an idea?

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    Daft question, but it isnt that your just using it too much and its getting hot and fading is it?, either that or your using cheap ass pads…

    Other than that, the best thing i could suggest is to remove the caliper (dont forget to put something in between the pads to keep them apart for when you accidently press the pedal!) and sit it on the seat, give the hose a good tapping with a screwdriver to try and move any trapped air upwards (towards the caliper)and then making sure that pads are held open (piece of wood same thickness as disk works great) bleed the brake whilst holding the caliper so that the bleed nipple is at the highest point. If it’s got twin pots (i aren’t sure) do one, then turn over so other nipple is at highest point. Reapeat a couple of times just to make sure….

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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