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    Here’s a few questions and answers to the speed camera issue. Hope this helps to clear up some queries you may have.

    What speed was I doing?

    Your speed is recorded on film and is held by the Central Ticket Office. It is printed on your Notice of Intended Prosecution.

    How many points will I get on my licence and how much is the fine?
    A minimum of three points is attached to your licence every time you are prosecuted for breaking the speed limit. The fine currently stands at a minimum of £60 per offence.

    Can I have a higher fine instead of the three penalty points?

    The endorsement of three penalty points is mandatory when issued with a conditional offer fixed penalty or an endorsable fixed penalty.

    How long do the points stay on my licence?

    Points are valid for three years and remain on your licence for a further 12 months at which time you may apply to the DVLA to have them removed.

    If the camera does not flash does that mean I have got away with speeding?

    If the camera has not flashed, you may still be liable for prosecution. The flash units at each site are only an aid to photography and do not need to operate in good lighting conditions.

    When will I be notified if I have been detected on a speed camera?
    A Notice of Intended Prosecution will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle, according to the records held at the DVLA, within 14 days of the offence.

    We don’t know who was driving at the time. Can you identify the driver?
    The camera only photographs the vehicle and its registration plate. With head restraints, luggage and other items placed in the vehicle, and with the cameras sited at an angle, it is often impossible to see anyone in the vehicle.

    What do I do if I am an employer and one of my employees was driving?
    As the employer you have an obligation to notify us of the identity of the driver. Failure to do so may result in the company secretary of your firm having points added to their licence and your firm may incur a fine from the courts.

    Can I have a copy of the photograph?

    There is not normally a printed photograph, only a reel of processed film. Prints are only taken when a case is heard in court. It is the policy of this Force not to send out prints by request but offenders have the right to view the offence by appointment.

    Is taking a photograph a violation of my Human Rights?

    The Privy Council upheld a ruling on a case in Scotland in December 2000, which indicates that the Human Rights Act is not infringed through this process.

    Vehicle Speed Limits

    Section 86 (1) and Schedule 6 Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 states:

    Speed Limits

    Motorcycle without trailer:
    Single carriageway 60mph
    Dual carriageway 70mph
    Motorway 70mph

    Motorcycle with trailer:
    Single carriageway 50mph
    Dual carriageway 60mph
    Motorway 60mph

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