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    Imperial Data,

    One of the things that I enjoy about this site is the lack of “pop ups”. Log on tonight to have a look see, and what do I find? One of the dreaded Pop Ups! What is the situation? Have they found us?!


    Well I was as surprised as you were. It is the company who I host the forum with, ie the ones who give me the server space, who are putting up this annoying advert. No word of this when the account was set up, in fact quite the contrary. I shall now be looking to move to another server or hope that someone out there can sponsor the forum and offer free web hosting. Meanwhile I shall put some seriously nasty comments their way.


    I’m prepared to offer a donation to the cause if you decide to go that way.


    Ads are a real pain but I must say I would pay a small amount for a site that was quick and advert free. I suggest you try asking other members for their views by creating a new forum topic. A fiver a year is my suggestion. Friends reunited charge this and it isn’t enough to break the bank but a gesture of goodwill. Do your current website hosts intend to keep pushing these adverts on every page?

    You’re never too old for flies in your teeth


    Never saw the ads but well done for getting rid of them

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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