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    A lovely statue of a naked man and woman has glistened a nearby park for decades. One fresh morning, a magician appears and with a flick of the wrist, uses his wand and turns them into human form.
    “For your dedication as statues over the years, I am granting you 2 hours in human form as you reward….you may do anything you like without reprieve.”
    Without even thinking, both the naked man and woman jump behind the bushes. Tree limbs thrash, leaves fly all over the place, giggling and moaning can be heard for blocks!
    About 20 minutes later, they emerge from the bushes shaking the leaves and dirt from their hair. The man, looking at the woman, smiles and says, “Hey.., we got enough time to do it again! You wanna?”
    The womans heartbeat speeds and she smiles and replies, “Oh hell yeah…, this time you get to hold the pigeons down and I get to crap on them!”

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