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    With the fabulous summer we are all enjoying it has been great to have a friendly local bike gathering to go to. The Friday meet held at the Old Rose and Crown on the outskirts of Stourport on Severn is ideal: Friendly folk, decent sized car park, good pub and a bar-be-que laid on. There is generally somebody to natter with and an interesting variety of bikes to have a look at and talk to their owners about. What has also been good is that each of the occasions I have been my daughter has accompanied me riding her own bike, a Lexmoto 125.
    On my two most recent visors I have taken my YZF600R and then my elderly ZR550 Zephyr, each time I was riding 2 up as the wife came along as well. Oddly the turnout was a touch low the first one of the latest visits….I think the weather was actually TOO hot and that was putting people off kitting up  and getting out on a bike! Last week however had a strong turnout. The bar-be-que was well used on both nights and it saved thinking about tea!
    In a classic piece of ‘small-worldism’ I bumped into my next door neighbour at one meet, not my current one, you understand, but the one from nearly twenty years ago. Turns out he has since developed an interest in bikes and rides around on a BMW GS1200 these days. In an ironic twist, he even parked next to my  Thundercat…neighbours once more. It was good to catch up and hopefully I will join him on a ride out in the future.  There were a few interesting bits and bobs to look at bike wise and there was another Thundercat there too, which is always good to see
    The long summer continued and we decided pay another visit to the meet last week. Loads more bikes out this time including no less than SEVEN Suzuki GT750s. Turns out the Kettle club were in town. All were pristine, in seventiestastic colours such as purple and orange and all sounded simply glorious as they left the meet on mass in haze of two stroke oil! But for me even seven GTs were not the star…it was a humble Yamaha DT175MX. It was one of these little dirt bikes that was the very first bike I ever rode back in 1981 or 2. Only around a field, but it was a start…I have not ever looked back. The one I rode was tired and battered from years of abuse from a string of ham-fisted youths like myself. But the one here was quite the opposite…it was simply perfect, freshly restored and even sported a little Fresco pipe that its owner had hand crafted personally. What a stunning machine. Bike of the night for me. So I downed an ice cool beer, enjoyed a freshly cooked burger and talked bikes. The evening was finished off nicely with a little ride to Maccys D’s to get a McFlurry….well you HAVE to a pudding don’t you…it is the law. Simple fun on bikes…it’s what summer should be about…


    The 550 and 125, our mounts for the evening

    Burgers washed down with an ice cold beer (it was a shandy)

    GT750s…the sight, the sound, the smell!

    But this little DT stole my heart

    Where there is a GT750 a trike is rarely far away!

    Husky, Gixxer and Norton neatly show the variety of bikes that rock up to this meeting

    Time for pud!




    That lil DT was bang tidy! :-)

    ….. and a meal isn’t a meal unless it has pudding! :P


    That lil DT was bang tidy! :-)

    ….. and a meal isn’t a meal unless it has pudding! :P

    It was perfect I kid you not.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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