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    Was recently lucky enough to do the 20km Northern loop of the Nurburgring which they say causes most riders to re-evaluate their riding skills and they aren’t wrong. It’s got amazing twists and turns and sweeping bends that seem to go on forever. The scenery is so nice and green it distracts you a little bit. Makes you feel like you’re on a country road.
    Worked out to about a tenner (10 UK pounds) for a lap which is a bargain I think. You can just turn up and pay if you want but a lot of riders and drivers had prebooked.
    If you get the chance to do it or just want to visit the track and museum it is really worth a visit. Also, the countryside around there is excellent so camping or staying in the area is worthwhile.


    Yes totally agree about the Nordschleife as it’s called. the only problem is that a lot of bikers I spoke to end up getting intimidates by all the other cars on the circuit. If you follow the rules then it’s not that bad, in my opinion it beats any UK circuit hands down, although the tarmac at some points is a bit dodgy. Do yourself a favour and down load an on board lap of a lap as there are 72 corners and some blind, I watched it about 100 times and when i their it was a lot easier otherwise you’ll end up spending the whole weekend learning the track.


    Welcome to the Forum, where can we download this from? Its sounds great.


    Hi 7471. Those 72 corners feel like 172 and yes they are occasionally blind. Nice to see someone else has done it on here. How many laps did you do?

    Radar, you can get a video from but I think there are many out there from private car owners who record their day out.

    I wish I’d seen one before it’s true, but the suprise was good too.


    Hammy/Fly sent you PMs about the Nurb. Hope you can help me, I want to go this year.



    Information sent to you Yamabusa. It is all in French language but I can translate if you are not sure.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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