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    Hi all, looked in here a few times but i’m so excited that i’ve just booked my third trip to Mugello to see the Doctor I had to say something.
    Once you’ve seen Florence and sat in the Poggio Seca in the sunshine cheering on Vale you’ll understand why I keep going back, especially after the manic last few laps last year.
    TT600 and speed triple owner, yes i’m a Trumpet pervert!!!
    Love the GP’s, big Vale and Melandri fan. Looking out for Bradley Smith this year and hoping he can progress through the ranks (We need a kicking Brit rider in the GP badly).
    Live in Ipswich and take advantage of living in the dryest part of the UK as much as I can.

    Safe riding ya’ll!!!


    Hi ya mate, welcome to the forum.


    Hi darkside!


    Hi and welcome Darkside. 3 trips top Mugello and a nice pair of Trumpets, you can’t be married!
    Any pics (of the bikes not the missus…..)?


    Welcome to the site Darkside!

    Take a look around

    There is a meet at the legendary Ace Cafe on the outskirts of London on March 11th. Details in the meetings section


    Evening mate!
    Welcome to the Forum….Pop your piccys into the members bikes area….

    Just in ebay looking at trupets [again]
    Those triples are lovely!

    GSF K1

    Hi Darkside.. welcome to the nut-house, pull up a pew and chat.


    welcome M8


    Thanks everyone. I’m actually moving to Edinburgh with work (And believe it or not one of my first projects will be to do with motorbikes)in a few weeks so will be leaving the sunny pastures of East Anglia behind and experiencing the cooler climates of Scotland.
    Fortunately I’ve already lived in Edinburgh already for about 15 years previously so already know of the excellent (And in my opinion some of the best) biking roads in the UK. Once you’ve experienced the Edinburgh-Moffat, Stirling-Fort William, Perth-Inverness roads you’ll know what I mean. Much less traffic up there as well.
    I have an old style triple that’s on it’s last legs, so i’m selling it before I move to Scotland and keeping the TT600. As my burd is a keen pillion the TT is really the only choice. Anyway, hopefully if Triumph release the 675 speed triple next year that could well be my new playtoy.

    I’ll get a picture of me and my baby (The bike, not the burd) up sometime today.

    Thanks for the warm welcome, I knew I made the right choice signing up here!!!!

    Safe riding ya’ll.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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