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    Maka rides

    Just signed up and saying Hi from Cornwall, UK

    currently the proud owner of one XLH883 Sportster.
    Named her Shredder, after a 1000mile round trip from Cornwall into Wales, which pretty much shredded my tendons :)!!!

    Also i’m the owner of a Blue Thundercat, Cheetarah.
    I often do Vlogs for my YT channel from the seat of my Thundercat as i love to blow some steam off when i get in the saddle.

    currently i’m waiting for my dream bike, Harley Breakout, to arrive this week (weds hopefully). Having to have it delivered cause i cant wait another weekend to pick it up. I cant post a pic up as it seems to only allow 2 photos at a time.

    I do quite a bit of vlogging and stuff, usually daft stuff from seat of my bikes, so ill prob fire a few vids up from time to time. I like getting involved with local meets as well, family permitting.

    I have included my Youtube channel (which is a project of mine) i like to do a few bike related vids along with Vlogging when thrashing round. Its a little racey!
    feel free to poke around at some of the vids if you like.

    below link is one of my most recent which is the first part of 3, of me taking my Thundercat north to a bike meet.


    Welcome to the forum. We have another Vlogger on here, Pete247 of Hippodroness fame. His last little piece in in ‘Members Bikes’ section about collecting his KTM390

    I have a Thundercat myself, a simply fantastic bike, much under rated

    Just to advise that photobucket don’t do free third party hosting of images anymore, so we can’t see your pictures

    Try Dropbox if you have an account

    Or maybe flikr


    Hi Maka,

    stick a link up to your YouTube channel so we can check it out. Yeah PhotoBucket have started charging if you want to embed photos so worth trying other options if you don’t want to pay.

    Maka rides

    Added my YT channel in the original post.
    ill update the photos in it once, i figure out why dropbox is being stubborn


    have just subbed (Hippo-Drones) I look forward to watching your vids


    Can see the pictures now!

    Like the reasoning behind the name for your 883. I remember riding one back in 1989 not long after a mate had just bought one new…I loved the rumble of the engine and the torque.

    Good to see a fellow Thundercat owner on here too…did you find your way here from the Facebook group?

    I hope the new HD lives up to expectations, you might enjoy a read of a review of the 1585 Dyna I rode a few years ago…

    We like our bike reviews on here, so if you want to write one about any of your bikes that would be great.

    Pop on you Vlogs too as and when you feel like

    What is the biking sence like in Cornawall? I have friends near Padstow, but they are more into Hot Rod cars rather than bikes

    Good luck with the new HD!


    Hi and welcome. Nice fleet! Had a go on an 883 once, I know what you mean about shredding the tendons…

    Look forward to watching your vids.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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