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    Just signed up to what seems a very friendly, useful forum.

    I last rode bikes in 1989 (on  L plates), starting with a Yamaha QT50, then an RXS100 and then a Honda C90 Cub.  Then I passed my car test and haven’t touched one since.

    I’m sort of having a mid life crisis at the moment.  I managed to aquire a seized 1981 Honda CB125T (from 15 years outside storage) and have just bought an RXS100 in need of a little work for its MOT.

    Just rode a bike for the first time last Sunday (managed to drag it out to 3 hours on the road) on a CG125 doing my CBT and it was great!  I can now ride again (on L Plates).

    Can’t wait to get my RXS road legal – but got the seat in pieces at the moment.  Seat base is heavily corroded so painted with Genolite. Have bought new seat cover, strap, upholstery foam for repairs, spike strip, rivets, trim fixings and adhesive upholstery spray.  Just need to find time to work on it!

    I also have problems with the CB125T, though so will need to post in the help section.  Basically I’ve managed to free the engine and it turns over on the kick start, with compression and fuel (albeit old-needs replacing) is getting into the cylinders but I haven’t got a spark in either of the cylinders.  Tried the obvious, replaced battery (light etc work after 15 years outside!) checked fuses, WD40 on ignition switch and keyswitch but dont know where else to check/what to measure- I’m not too good at electrics unless its a bulb, a switch and a battery we’re talking about!

    Many thanks



    Welcome Alex

    We’re a friendly bunch on here. Not the best at electrics myself. Only thing I can suggest is get yourself a multimeter (if you haven’t already got one). Then check that you are getting power to the ignition switch and to the coil

    Wiring diagrams are on here

    How to check coil


    Welcome to the forum, we are a friendly lot. You have a couple of interesting bikes there too. You can’t beat a two stroke.

    I am not a demon with electrics either, but I will have a ponder over your problem, could be the coil.


    Hi and welcome Alex.

    Yup, you won’t find a friendlier bunch than on BikeMeet, and there’s a fair few mid-life-crisis itches that have been scratched on here too. Good luck getting the Honda going (a bad engine earth is worth checking for if it has been outside that long).


    Welcome along to the forum Alex

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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