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    Well first nice day of the year went upto box hill with a few mates. Had a cracking ride with 7 bikes down to Bury Hill and then 5 of us scooted off along the A272 in a meander back towards Box again. It all was fantastic till I got to me fav roundabout and got me knee down, then the front washed out on me so I’m sliding across the road with me leg pinned under the bike. Grrr

    Am ok, bruised ribs and a bit of a graze, bikes not too bad tbh, lost me foot peg and brake peddle scuffed the engine casing and a scrape on me bars. Highly recommend R&G’s they took the hit instead of me petrol tank. Am very glad I always ride with full kit coz I would be a mess if I weren’t. Breathings a lil painful so’s laughing (which is kinda good that I am still smiling)

    Be careful peeps, I been riding 16yrs and was saying to one of me mates earlier that I bet there will be loads of accidents today coz people going mad on the first good day of the year and then I go and bin it while showing off.



    B@@dy hell 247, glad you are ok


    cheers mate. Just got back from a&e bruised ribs, will live ;)


    Sorry to hear this pete,the main thing is your ok,dont forget though in this cold weather the tyres wont get up to a good temp for getting your knee down,the outer edgers of the tyre will be nowhere as warm as the middle…..take care mate.


    We had had quite an enthusiastic blat, around 30 miles by the time I binned! but you are right tho. I should have know better. Was supprised it was the front that let go tho, running an 014 on the front and on the rear have an 020. But thats where all the power is going so will generate more heat in the rear


    Get well soon bud. Sorry to hear you gobbed it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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