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    when taking your bike for an MOT test, its good to know whats actually required so that when (if) you fail you can argue the toss knowing your right.

    Online MOT testers manual

    Also, other stuff i’ve borrowed [:p]

    (1) Machines registered after 1 April 1986 must have two switches operating the rear stop lamp and the switches must be properly adjusted (if your bike was registered before this date the switch can be located EITHER on the front or rear brake lever).
    (2) If indicators are fitted they must work properly. However if your bike was registered before 1st August 1986, you are not obliged to use or fit them.
    (3) As from 1 August 1997 the “streetfighter” type light, i.e. one light low and two high was legal. This was to come into line with Europe (ie twin spotlights from halfords are now legal!!!)
    (4) Some places will fail you for having no front mudguard but in the inspection literature there is no mention of failure for not having a front mudguard…..if you don’t have one all you get is a wet face if it is raining!
    (5) Must be in good condition without splits or holes, including the exhaust mountings. Permanent repairs are okay, excessive smoking or noise is not. If your bike is registered before 1 May 1985 you should be okay as long as you are not taking the piss (no stamps needed). After that date the exhaust must be either an original fitment type for the motorcycle or carry a BS kite mark.
    (6) If your bike was registered before 1st August 1973 you can legally have a bulb horn . These can be bought in Halfords.
    (7) As from 1 August 1997 a Q plated motorcycle ( FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE MOT TEST ) will deemed to be registered on 1 January 1971. This means that you only need one brake light switch, use a bulb horn, don’t need indicators and have no exhaust stamp. The bad news is that it will usually be a bugger to insure!
    (8) If a testing station refuses to test the chop, ask to fill in an Appeal Notice and don’t accept any “We don’t test chops, mate” type comments.

    An MOT station can lose it license if it constantly refuses to test vehicles without good reason. It can however, refuse to test a bike if:

    – The bike does not run
    – The bike is too dirty to work on
    – Also where the steering geometry has been modified from stock the tester may, at his
    discretion, carry out a road test.

    (modification of the steering gear itself is no reason for refusing a test certificate)

    Arranging the test:
    It is best to pre-book the test. This is essential if your previous MOT certificate has expired since you are allowed to use a vehicle on a public road without a current MOT certificate ONLY when taking the machine to a pre-booked test or bringing it away from the testing station after it has failed a test, or taking it to a place for pre-booked repairs after a test failure or returning from a place of repair to the testing station. Even with these exemptions the motorcycle must be roadworthy.

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