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    Two strokes, don’t you just love them, but after consecutive summers on a RD250LC and then a RD350YPVS I was beginning to wonder about four strokes. I was hanging around with a bunch of bikers into Norfolk who were heavily into “Run What You Brung” drag events and the chosen weapon of choice for these boys: The Suzuki GSX100EF, a big air-cooled brute of bike. These lads were serious and airshifters, flowed heads etc were the order of the day. One lad in particular was just nuts and he often used to enjoy leaving my bike parked up and hopping on the back of his Suzuki for wild thrashes around the Norfolk countryside. He speciality was popping enormous wheelies as he overtook lines of incredlous cars with his V&H pipe emitting a tidal wave of noise. JUST FANTASTIC.
    Back on the YPVS it just felt a little toy like, and after a brief dalliance with a GS550 I tried a GSX1100EFE a dealer in Birmingham was selling, the long since gone Kingstanding Motorcycles.
    Anyway what a dinosaur, gone was the deft lightness of touch of my LC. Everything was just such an effort. Sure it was fast, but like a express train is fast, but not like the leopard like reflexs that personified the LC and YPVS. Granted the GSX that I tried was the one with the full fairing and just didn’t seem to have that edge the unfaired bikes had.
    The brakes had all the bite of your Granny with her teeth in the jar by her bed for the night, and the thing weighed more than my Mother –in-law (an achievement in itself!!). In short, it was a languid piece of junk.
    I did eventually scratch the four stroke itch and bought a VF1000. The less said…


    I rode a BMW R1200C once. Never again. It was so wobbly, weedy and uneventful.

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