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    This was mainly a bikerscafe outing but as Gix, Toggs and Mike are members on here too, I thought you might as well read this too!

    The big day finally arived for Mike when his tuneful Triumph triple made way for a cool blue 2007 Yamaha R1. He headed over to Kidderminster astride his new steed with Blade Rider (CBR1000RR), Gone2mars (CBR1000RR), Gix (GSXR1000 Winter hack), and Supermads (GSF600F) in tow.
    Parked up outside my house the R1 looked sensentional and I must admit a few twinges of jealousy as I drank in every delicious detail. In fairness the ZX10, Blade and Gixxer 1000 are also superb, but only one boasts a Yamaha badge!

    Mike’s new today 2007 R1.

    Gone2mars Blade, Supermads GSF600, Gix’s…er…Gix, Blade Riders…er…Blade

    Blade rider seems quite impressed…

    Super mads tries the Gixer for size. No rush it’s ages until winter again now…

    Blade riders blade!

    Mrs Radar had been busy and drinks and freshly baked scones were on the menu (is this a ride out or a tea party???), which everybody attacked with some gusto. Gix in particular can demolish a scone quicker than a drag bike disappearing up the strip at the pod. Anybody who remembers the 80’s computer game pacman will know what I mean!
    Anyway a few piccies were taken and then a quick blast was the order of the day. As time was limited for a few of us the cafe at Quatt, some 11 miles away up the delighfully sinuous A442 seemed the obvious choice. I led away on my Thundercat with the others neatly line astern. Barely had we set off when Toggs arrived to join the fun on his recently acquired ZX9R.

    Toggsy’s ZX9R at Quatt. I won’t mention the PINK can…opps

    The 11 miles were despatched ethusiastically with the R1 not being excessively restrained by the constraints of running in. The 442 is a great piece of road combining sweeping swift bends, tighter sections a couple of decent straights. However it is variously lined with rocks and mature trees, some 8/10 at most is the order of the day.

    At one point a BMW M6 c*r tried to muscle in on the action, but how can you take a c*r named after a motorway seriously?? Once at the cafe gone2mars thought it would be fun to win the “catch a fireblade” competition ~ he neglected to put his blade in gear on the sloped bike park and it was gracefully rollong away until he performly a superbly executed save by getting hold of the grab rail. Boy that was CLOSE!

    More tea, more chat following before I had to turn for home. Hope that you enjoyed the rest of the ride Mike! The R1 looks the business and i hope it provides a superb biking summer of fun to you.

    Cheers for dropping over guys and girls!


    Great looking bike Mike,dont worry Radar Prezzo will let you sample the joys of riding the new R1 in France………..bring some kitchen roll.



    Originally posted by Digger

    Great looking bike Mike,dont worry Radar Prezzo will let you sample the joys of riding the new R1 in France………..bring some kitchen roll.

    Really looking forward to the ride to France. 10 days of pure biking heaven.
    Mike’s R1 looks stunning and i am now pondering swapping the XJR for a 99 or 2000 model R1.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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