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    On the end of a twisting country lane in rural Worcestershire, known locally as ‘the switchbacks’ an interesting new dealership has just opened its’ doors in a brand-new, custom made facility. Boasting a location nestled in amongst stunning countryside and within a stone’s throw of some legendary motor sport venues, Red Marley and Shelsley Walsh hill climbs, it really is great to see a new dealer ship that isn’t yet another glistening glass edifice.

    The dealer is perfectly situated in stunning country side and on some ace roads

    The man responsible for all this is local Mark Grinnall, he is a talented engineer and businessman already famous for his TR7 V8 conversions, BMW powered Scorpion sports-cars and more recently his rather cool BMW and Triumph based trikes. In short the man has ‘form’!

    Some of his loyal customers braved the cold and rocked up in a selection of Scorpions…nice…!

    So it should come as no surprise he has chosen to sell a couple of rather different brands at his new shop…Victory and Indian. The former is a cool, modern take on the trad US V twin theme, whilst the later is a revival of truly Iconic brand.

    To celebrate the opening of his new venture he had an open weekend at the end of February. So Thumper, Toggs and myself wandered along to check the place out. It was a bit cold and being the hardened bikers we are we rocked up in cars…oh the shame of it! Old forum friend ‘Red-Leader’ was already there, and as a long time friend of the owner he been roped in to man the free bar-be-que. Even he couldn’t ruin the superb home made burgers…I had two…purely in the interests of science you understand!

    Friendly face on the burgers…I am bit worried now…did they turn his hands blue? It was ferkin’ cold!

    One inside there was a superb array of bikes to admire from both the Victory and Indian ranges. Nestled in amongst them was a Triumph Rocket III trike and a Scorpion too…excellent. Most usually there were a pair of Zero Engineering bikes on display..not the horrid little electric devices, but proper full fat V twins, propelled by a S&S motor not unlike that also found in a Morgan Trike. Springer front end and with a low, cool stance…I was quite smitten.

    Some of the impressive Victory range

    Mr.Grinnall himself…

    The open weekend was busy and people seemed to like what they saw…

    Zero Engineering…me like…me want…

    Beefy Rocket based Trike

    The Victory bikes are, as I said, in my view a more modern take on the idea of what people consider a typical US bike and up close the details and quality seem top notch. Indian have returned to the market place fairly recently and that legendary brand does carry some real kudos. Being honest it is the brand that appeals to me most, for reasons I can’t quite fathom…Bill Munro and all that (World’s Fastest Indian)…

    The Indian Scout would make an interesting juxtaposition to my manic, hard edged MV Agusta. Oh, God…please don’t let me near any finance forms…

    I quite liked this…what is happening to me?

    Upstairs there was lounge area where staff were serving free drinks for the duration of the weekend. Mark does have plans to open a cafe on site and I think it would make a good stopping off point as you discover some of most under rated biking roads anywhere…the undiscovered country as it were!

    Thumper and Toggs having a tough time…

    So overall a great place and I am really looking forward to June 4th and 5th when the importers road show will be in town and a range of demo bikes will be available!

    Good luck Mark, I will watch developments with great interest!

    Anyway some links


    Mid West Moto




    That Zero looks stunning


    That Zero looks stunning

    It really does, I would really like one


    Open weekend with a BBQ and of course test rides, 4/5th June 2016


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