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    EU Regulation on Motorcycle towing Trailers

    The Motorcycle Action Group welcomes news from Europe that the principle of freedom of movement for motorcycles towing a trailer has
    prevailed in Spain!

    The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) has made the announcement that the Spanish government has finally
    complied with their obligation under EU legislation(*), to allow the circulation of motorcycles towing a trailer on their national
    territory. FEMA co-operated closely with the European Commission to force Spain respecting the principle of freedom of movement in
    the European Union.

    Motorcyclists planning to ride through Spain on holidays this Summer will be pleased to know that they are now allowed to circulate
    in the country with their bike towing a trailer, without risking to be stopped at the border and refused to enter the country.

    This is the result of a complaint introduced in 1998 by the European Commission against the Spanish government, with the active
    support and co-operation of FEMA, before the Court of Justice of the European Communities (EC). Indeed, Spain was in breach with the
    EC Treaty’s articles on the free movement of persons and goods and the freedom to provide services. At last, a royal decree(**) was
    adopted earlier this year in order to repeal the total ban on using a motorcycle towing a trailer in the territory.

    FEMA is still working on this issue, as some needless restrictions are linked to the circulation of motorcycles towing trailers. The
    most incredible one is that these vehicles can only circulate during daytime, and in conditions that guarantee good visibility. So
    when it’s light and sunny! A discriminatory decrease of 10% of the maximum speed limit in traffic is also required. FEMA will
    strongly argue to have these senseless measures removed, because there is no safety evidence supporting them.

    Motorcyclists travelling through Spain with their bike towing a trailer can contact the FEMA office to receive original text of this
    new Spanish law, in order to make sure that you are not stopped or fined at the border or on Spanish roads by police forces who
    would not be aware of this new regulation.


    Best Regards
    Stuart XV16

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    Thanks for the info, XV. Where do you get it all from?

    Most trailers I have seen are attached to Goldwings and hence lit up like Christmas trees at night. No problems with nighttime visibility there!


    I am a MAG, BMF and ABD member so I get regular email updates. The other news comes from hours of browsing news sites (someone has to do it) and reading magazines etc.
    Know what you mean with the Wing brigade, are those panniers filled with batteries?

    Regular posting will continue soon, I have been somewhat committed elsewhere.


    I’ve donated to the forum.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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