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    I recently purchased a pair of “Love Handles” via Ebay for not too much money – currently 12.99 Pounds (Ebay member TTNRG) And my pillion was almost scared stiff being new to biking within the last 12 months and being faced with hanging on to up to 185BHP, just incase the aforementioned handles came undone or gave way (They DO have an extremely strong buckle). I once had a normal size “Bun” or “Bum” Bag which failed at the point of putting it on, as it broke at it`s weakest point that being one of it`s adjusters. If you carefully examine any kind of modern belt or strapping that has plastic components you will see that as good as the actual clipping together part of it may be, just examine the thickness of the plastic that the nylon webbing actually wraps around, they are not THAT thick. So, in the case of Love Handles I have been guided by my pillion and now wear it back to front with the buckle at the rear, so should the actual buckle or adjusting straps fail, the pillion is still safe as the webbing and stitched on handles are going to remain safe as the plastic components are no longer load bearing.
    I will be interested to receive replies to this post, as I see the dangers inherrent in wearing them in `Normal` fashion. If you use these devices have a good look at them and please leave your comments.


    Good idea to turn them round so the clip is on the back. I’m amazed it ever went to market without a warning to use it that way round anyway. Notice the link above from Thumper has a large disclaimer on there.


    I’ve used these ever since I’ve had my bike as it has no grab rail. Mrs Kat says she feels much more secure when she uses them. I’ve never had a problem with the buckle, though the wearing them backwards idea is a good one – I’ll try it next time.


    That seems a good tip TT. My Mrs tends to hold on to grab rail on the T cat, although that doesn’t dish out 185bhp!


    well well well.. you raise a valid point there. i bought a set of them when i had my ZX10R on the road as my lass at the time was tiny tiny and the thought of losing her off back didnt bother me as such but still, she was that light i couldnt feel her on the tossing thing in the first place so just to make sure i got a set so she could hold on..(and so i could go faster).
    i put them on the right way round and as she sat on the bike the placement of said handles were that far round the back of me as she was sat naturally she was actually sittin more upright.
    as anyone that takes pillions will know this kills stability and induces high acc wheelies. changed them round and them she was sat hugging me rather than sitting back, so i thought that was the way round they were meant to go?

    anyways, i would highly reccommend them for keeping the doris in place, or having a bit of two up wheelie fun!


    Good idea with the buckle, I bought a set but never really used them as the zx6r (j1) has very comfy and supportive grabs. Which is a shock for a sportsbike. The seats still crap though! haha

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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