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    three of me m8s came round on sunday fancey a ride out no m8 bit bizy i says wot about the missis says one of them ok asked her yes she is up for it so i get her duc out and of they go 3 very nice ducatis and man a real real sweet sounding buel i realy could do with one of them i thinks, on my wifes return some time later she says mick why dont you get one of them noisy bikes like that buel nice one i thinks and left it at that later that night i am in my workshop and julie comes in and almost shouts at me do ypou know how much them buels cost the yanks have got you bye the nuts mate,think youl have to stick to your dirt bike for a bit.
    Shame realy got a bit exited for a while, was nice to hear 4 v twins in our little road just wish i had bean riding one.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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