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    You have all probably heard about the London camera removals by now, they say as from today empty units will have the radar switched on but not be loaded with film. This is absolute rubbish, who will be able to prove that they have reduced the amount of cameras unless you get caught on more than they have supposedly left active. They reckon that only 260 will be active, that’s 405 inactive cameras…

    405 multiplied by 1 flash @ £60.00 = £24,300.00 per day.
    £24,300.00 multiplied by 7 days = £170,100.00 per week.

    I don’t want to go on doing sums because I hate maths but if each camera flashed 10 times a day that would be a staggering £1,701,000.00 in only ONE WEEK. Frightening innit.

    I personally can’t see them losing this amount of revenue. Don’t trust them until they have been removed.

    Best Regards

    Stuart XV16


    You’re right to do the sums, it’s always a money thing that it boils down to in the end. And some of the cameras flash more then 10 times in a day (although some obviously flash less too).

    How about the guy who invented them, is he on a one-off payment or royalty per conviction? Whatever, I hope he can sleep at night!


    He should be on the Horlicks adverts.


    He,he, he, good one!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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