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    If you wish to chat live (through your keyboard!) to other members of this forum, please click on the link below.

    The Chat page is experimental at the moment but will work if you have java installed and enabled on your machine. If not, click here for download and follow the instructions.
    By default, Windows XP now does not have Java installed. Many sites use this for menus etc. and is, in my opinion, a necessary download.

    Choose your user name, click on connect and close the ‘Conference Room’ window if it pops up. Type your text in the long box at the bottom and hit enter to send it.

    You can keep the chat page open and surf the web by opening a new browser window. There is also a bike racing game on there if you fancy a go while waiting for the slower typists to respond….!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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