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    Earlier this year my daughter picked up a tidy and hardley used 2016 Lexmoto ZSA 125 with only 115 miles on the clock. She has really enjoyed owning the little machine and she has picked up riding a geared bike really very quickly having only used a twist and go scooter previously.

    She really has enjoyed this summer on the Lexmoto

    I have been curious as to how well these little Chinese 125s last so here is a few observations from the 500 or so miles the bike has covered in her ownership.

    The exhaust paint was already peeling off and the down pipe showing some surface rust, so I have had to rub that down and rattle-can the zorst with some HT black paint. It looks so much better now 


    The bike has a little oil 'weep' from where the gear shaft selector exits the side casing, I have just cleaned up the shaft a little and mop off the oil witness every few weeks as I think any repair could be pretty involved and not worth the hassle

    The side stand retaining nut went west on the bikes first major outing, so I have replaced it with a nylock


    The bike had been sitting for a couple of years before we had it so the engine cases had picked up a strange surface mottled mould effect on their surface. A quick clean and some fresh black paint sorted that

    I have also changed the oil and lubricated the chain a couple of times.

    So while the quality isn't the best, what can you expect from a bike that only £1100 new?

    Above all my daughter loves riding it even if it is getting less use now she has passed her car test.


    Glad you're having a good experience with it overall.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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