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    Knocked up 40 miles on my Thundercat today. Beautifully crisp winter day, bright sunshine but F cold! For a variety of reasons I have not been able to ride much lately and you forget just how good it feels – brilliant.[:D][:)]
    Took in the café just outside Bridgenorth and better part of 100 bikes there. Parked next to a 996SPS Ducati in yellow and black with carbon bits everywhere. Also saw the first Benelli Tornado that I seen out “in the wild”. Looked great at the show and even better in the metal.[:)]
    A mint Z900 was also there and looked fantastic. Otherwise it was the usual hordes of sportsbikes but one guy on a Supermoto pulled a monster wheelie as he left![:D]
    Good to be out there again, but with the ice freezing hard as I write and the gritting lorries out it might be next year before my Yamaha is out again.

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