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    I have recently bought an imported bike over the internet a few months ago.
    The speedometer is in KPH and i need to convert it to MPH.
    the VOSA have told me that i need to convert it but just replacing the sticker.!
    I have approached a few garages and they have said that they do not sell just the sticker, does anyone know where i can get one from.





    Don’t worry.

    I’ve got an imported bike and all I’ve got is stickers on the speedo glass marking 20,30,50,60,70 and 100mph (I find the 100mph is the most useful). I’ve never had an issue with an MOT.

    The other option is to buy either a mechanical:

    or electrical:

    convertor for the speedo.

    hope this helps




    I think the mail order people (M&P) do the stickers. Typically I only chucked the old catalogue out a few days ago!

    My Thundercat has a KPH speedo with a sticker for MPH on it and been through three MOTs without a problem.

    What bike is it?

    Welcome to the forum by the way.


    hi we got one of these on my wifes honda bros
    works fine fits in minutes


    I had one of the above gadgets too, reckon they are the best bet if you’re keeping the bike.

    I’ve donated to the forum, have you?

    GSX Rat

    Go out for a ride with a mate, get him to ride at 20, 30 , 40 , 50 , 60 and 70 – all the likely speed limits your gonna come across and make a note of what the indicated speed on your kph speedo is. Next, when you get home rip the front off the clocks (or carefully disassemble whichever you prefer) , take the needle off the speedo and remove the backing with the markings on. (an alternative here is to use a digital camera on macro setting to take a picture but you still need the front off anyway) Fire up the scanner and paste the resultant image into your favorite image editing app – paint shop pro 7 for me (FREE!) and simply alter the numbers to match the notes you took earlier. Print out this new image, preferably on sticky backed paper and stick it to face (HINT – use underside if they are reversible so that if it all goes tits up, or get wet and fades or whatever you still have the original) , replace needle and glass and jobs a goodun!! Lovely mph face for nothing.

    Another variation on this is to use an image (whatever you prefer) as the background to your clocks!)

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